Kitchen+bathroom renovation pt.3

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As I mentioned in part 2, there was no concrete in the floor, but instead, a whole lot of sand. Over the last weekend, we’ve been working on digging that out. (Where we = my mother, my sister, and I). Unfortunately, it wasn’t just sand; it was merely a thin layer of sand on top of a thick layer of clay.

Onto some photos of that progress after the break.

Digging clay 01

This is what it looked like before we started digging. If you’re wondering, the little bright wisp in the back is just some sunlight that manage to sneak into my photo.

Digging clay 02

A little bit of progress here. We were just getting into it. I think this is about all we did on Friday. It’s about 25 centimeters (about 10 inches) deep.

Digging clay 03

This is where we initially stacked the top layer of sand. This would later be used to even it all out, as sand is easier to spread out evenly than clay.

Digging clay 04

Here are my mother and my sister digging away the last bit of that big ‘section’.

Digging clay 05

A good view on the whole pile of clay/sand. I think we beat the moles by a long shot. (Notice the small heaps in the background)

I’m glad that’s over.