Hi there!

I’m a UK-based creator of all sorts of things, but particularly software, electronics, and music.

A major hobby of mine is where these come together, in synthesizers. I enjoy not only playing them, but building my own.

Professionally, I’m a software developer, having experience in web development both on the front- and backend, as well as Android app development, both native and with Xamarin.Android. Since 2012, and currently, I’ve been working with DI.FM, working at first on their various websites, and since 2013 on the Android apps.

On this website, I collect some musings on mostly technical topics, as well as a showcase of things I’ve made.

Check out Now for an overview of things that keep me busy at the moment. On Blog I keep long-form posts, while Jottings has “note to self” style posts, and Creations is a portfolio of various things I’ve made. Finally, the About page goes a bit more in-depth about me and my background.

You can reach out to me on Mastodon: MichDev@mastodon.social, or via email, mich at this site’s domain.