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Michael Duerinckx



Hello there!

I am a Hampshire, UK-based (mostly front-end) web developer, hobby photographer and occasional musician, who also likes to dabble with electronics now and then. I’m part of the development team at Digitally Imported, authority in human-curated addictive electronic music. I spend my days working along with a highly skilled small team of developers to take DI into the future.

When I’m not working on getting bread on the table, I tend to do even more web development on my own side projects. I have a habit of stacking up side projects, but thanks to Trello I can keep track of them all, never forgetting good ideas.

Another pastime I enjoy is going outside, camera in hand, exploring new places and compositions to take photos of in experimental ways. I’m particularly a fan of night photography, creating scenes you don’t experience with the naked eye.

Since 2008, I’ve been producing some of my own music, starting out in trance, then finding ambient a good fit, and now very occasionally still fiddling with whatever comes to mind, techno for example. As you can tell, it’s restricted to electronic music, which is not very restrictive at all when you get into it.

Almost every waking hour of the day you’ll find me listening to music in pretty much any genre. I’m not exactly a fan of silence. I obviously listen to a lot, as they (or should I say we) have a large offering of style-specific channels (51 at the time of writing!) I do still listen a lot to my own music collection comprising of stuff that ranges from heavy metal to classical to hardstyle to classic rock, and so on.

If you’re willing to connect with me online, here’s a handy overview of where you can find me.