Resume of Michael Duerinckx

Note: This is a quite out of date and includes links to now-defunct websites. I’ll update it when I’m interested in pursuing new opportunities.

Contact: mich [at] michd [dot] me

Web development

Work experience

Digitally Imported – Front-end developer (September 2012 – Current)

Working on the current websites and new versions, working on complex JS structures for the web player and various page elements. Using Ruby on Rails, Sass with Compass, jQuery, underscore.js, front-end templates, focus on code reusability. Working from PSD designs and team discussion/stakeholder feedback

Carswell Gould – Front-end developer (October 2011 – September 2012)

Worked on building client websites to spec based on PSD designs. HTML5, CSS3, LessCSS, FuelPHP, MySQL. Worked on in-house FuelPHP-based CMS, developed bespoke functionality for it.

Moto.R.varen (freelance) – Back-end and Front-end development (2011)

Bert Branders (freelance) – Front-end development and design (2010)

Hobby experience

TheAudioPortal Front-end and Back-end development, design (2009-2011)

This website Front-end development and design (December 2012 – January 2013)

Various side projects  (2009 – current)

Key skills


HTML(5) – to write semantically correct, minimal markup presenting the content

CSS2, CSS3 – using the latest techniques to achieve styles that gracefully degrade in older browsers

LessCSS, Sass/Scss and Compass – Using CSS preprocessors for productivity and reusability

JavaScript with jQuery and various libraries – to create an optimal user experience that works in all major browsers and uses the best practices

PSD2HTML – Converting Photoshop designs to semantic HTML documents styled with CSS


PHP5 – Good knowledge and working experience of object oriented programming

Ruby on Rails - Good working knowledge and experience with views and the asset pipeline, basic working knowledge with controllers, models, routing

(My)SQL – Good working understanding and experience with building queries of varying complexity (joins, subqueries, …)

MVC – Good experience-based knowledge of the Model-View-Controller design pattern through usage of FuelPHP framework

Apache, Nginx – Setting up web servers and configuring them


Git/Github – experience working with the Git distributed version control system

Bash - Productivity, experienced navigating, setting up aliases, using nano, configuring, …

Linux – Using Ubuntu as main operating system, setting up LAMP on it, working with a command line interface