2048 in QBasic

This little puzzle game was wildly popular at the time. I figured I’d go back to my roots and throw together an implementation in QBasic.

2048 as a web game was popularised by Gabiele Cirulli sometime around 2014. It’s a little game where you merge identical numbers to double them, with the aim to reach the number 2048.

Work Involved

  • Figuring out the algorithm for this game
  • Remembering QBasic syntax
  • One evening/very late night of fun

I don’t think there is much to say. I tried to keep the code structure tidy, in keeping with my programming experience so far, inasmuch as this is possible within QBASIC. The code is a total of 367 lines long, so feel free to have a browse over on GitHub: 2048.BAS.

You can run the .exe in DOSBox, or run the .BAS file in QBasic yourself, which you’d probably also run in DOSBox.