Music Creations

I’ve been making some of my own electronic music since early 2008. The main genres I hover around are ambient / chillout, and when I feel like putting a bunch more effort in, trance. Most of my music is made purely on the computer, but I like involving some external gear as well. Jamming around with just the hardware synthesisers is a load of fun too.

My Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice is FL Studio, though I poke around in others on occasion.

Below I showcase some of my best work, but you can find more here:

Stack Trace - Diversity of Thought (Trance)

The Midnight - The Comeback Kid (Cimylium Remix) (D&B)

Cimylium - Project 14328 (Drum & Bass)

Cimylium - Byte Sequence (Ambient)

Cimylium - Tannhauser Gate (Ambient)

Stack Trace - Ebullience (Trance)

Cimylium - Magnitude (Trance)

Album: Cimylium - Limitless (Ambient)