A wooden workbench made out of commonly available lumber and plywood sheet.

After we moved into a house with a sizeable converted garage in 2018, I wanted to set up a decent workbench two work on electronics projects, so I wouldn’t always have to temporarily use a corner of my desk. Since commercial options proved far too expensive, I decided to design my own.

Over the course of a few weeks, I learned to use Autodesk’s Fusion 360 package, and designed this workbench. It was largely inspired / derived from a CNC router table my fiancĂ©e had designed earlier. Her help and vast expertise with Fusion 360 were very valuable in this project.

The bench is made out of standard lumber sizes purchased from DIY stores, as well as 18mm plywood sheets for the surfaces. It’s held together with screws, corner brackets, and a bit of wood glue.

Some Images

The real life version of the workbench, with all the stuff on it.

A pretty render:

A few pictures I took during the build:

Some creative clamping to get the lumber to line up right before being joined with screws:

One of the pieces of lumber had quite a bit of twist to it, producing this somewhat worrisome setup while it wasn’t fully assembled:

It sorted itself out though.