Various 3D-printed bits

Often I’ll encounter a problem that can be quite easily solved with 3D printing.

Since we’ve had a 3D printer for a number of years, this happens with some regularlity. I’ll show pictures of just a few I recall.

Tool Holders

The cover image shows a some pliers holders and a screwdriver holder, mounted to my workbench. These are some tools that are very regularly used on the bench, so it made sense to keep them within reach.

Lighting Controls Box

Underneath the top shelf of the workbench, there’s an LED strip with individually addressable LEDs. An arduino pro micro board and some potentiometers provide controls for a few different modes. These controls needed a housing that could be mounted underneath the bench.

Audio Source Switch Box

On our TV, we use external speakers, and sometimes want to switch the audio source without having to mess around with moving cables. I made a simple switchbox that switches one output between two inputs, and printed an enclosure for it.

Phone Retainer For Charger

I like being able to leave my phone with the charger plugged into the wall socket, without laying it on the floor. A small addition that fits tightly around the charger provides a ridge the phone can sit against, while leaning against the wall.