Noise Generator

White and pink noise generator for my DIY Modular synth, from Music From Outer Space circuit design.

Noise can be a useful tool in music for various things, including drum sounds, and just a bit of ambience. This generator is essentially Ray Wilson’s old circuit design for the Ray’s “Pink Enough For Me” Noise Generator, adapted for my power needs.

As with the Mixer module, given the simplicity, I opted for a quick home fabrication of the board instead of having a PCB fab house do it.

Work Involved

  • Schematic capture (EAGLE)
  • PCB Design (EAGLE)
  • Panel design (Inkscape)
  • Laser cutting at local makerspace
  • PCB cutting, etching, drilling
  • PCB assembly
  • Panel assembly

Designs can be found on GitHub: Noise generator