Inverters Module

A utility module for my DIY Modular synthesiser, providing 4 analogue inverters and 2 logic inverters.

There isn’t much to this module, but it’s handy to have around. The 4 analog inverters allow flipping the phase of the input signal, which can be useful when you need the opposite shape of a modulation control voltage. It is made out of a very common “inverting opamp” circuit. The logic inverters are simpler still, built around a single NPN transistor each.

This module got from “I think that would be useful” to completed module in my rack within a single day, which was pretty satisfying.

Work Involved

  • Schematic capture (KiCad)
  • PCB design (KiCad)
  • Panel design (Inkscape)
  • Laser cutting at local makerspace
  • PCB etching, drilling, cutting
  • PCB assembly
  • Panel assembly

Here’s a view of the side:

Design files are available on GitHub: Inverters module