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In Belgium, and probably in multiple other countries too, there’s some government service where you’re eligible to receive money when you’ve been unemployed for a certain amount of time. Since I technically finished day school little under a year ago, and only did a month-long summer vacation job, I apparently am eligible for this. Obviously though, since it’s the government providing money to citizens, there’s a whole load of paperwork connected to it, to eliminate the chance they’d give one eurocent too much.

To be honest, I don’t care much about money. All I wish for is to live comfortably, and to be able to do what I like to do. Unfortunately that’s not how society works—everything costs money, and you need this money to survive; there’s no other way, unless you decide to walk the criminal road, which I’m frankly not planning to do.

I wish I could just continue working on The Audio Portal. It’s my passion, and I like to invest my time in it. Instead, I’ll have to push most of my time aside and find a paying job, because soon, my mother will no longer receive any so-called “child-money” for me anymore, as I’m no longer in day school. I find this terribly annoying, but I guess I’ll have to live with that fact.

So now I’m dealing with a whole lot of paperwork; I need to make sure I’m registered here, there, there, and make sure I fill in this information here, bring that document to that office, get this document filled in over there to then bring it here, and so forth. I find this very tiring, running around with documents just so I’d get a bit of money for my mother, to sustain our living.

Here’s hoping I can get hired for the job as web developer I applied for. It’s the first job I found that I’d actually love to do, which I also qualify for (at least that’s what I think). I really don’t feel like doing a boring, non-challenging job as a cashier somewhere… that feels like I’d be wasting my time, just to get some money.

Instead, I wish to get that job, which can challenge my skills every single day, and from which I can learn new, useful things every day too. Added to that, I wouldn’t have to deal with these government offices as much anymore, and just get paid for something I like to do instead. Earning the bread on the table looks much more attractive than being given the bread because I can’t find a job.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.