Time to relax + reading

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So, since Monday, school is over for this year. I had my last exam (analogue electronics), and I think it went pretty well, my results will be good enough.

This means that it’s time to relax a bit, which I’m glad about. Tomorrow, I’m heading to England, to see Brittany again after 4 months apart. I’m pretty pumped about that. Packing is mainly done, I’m ready to leave tomorrow. Up there we’ll probably being playing ITG and DDR often, as Britt has her own machine. I’m looking forward to that too, as these dance games are next to exhausting also a lot of fun.

Britt will be following up on the world cup, which might just give me an opportunity to do some coding, as I’m frankly not interested in football, that’s not to say I find it boring and over the top (but let’s not go on about that).

Tomorrow I’ll be spending quite some time on trains, so I had to find something to do in that time. Part of the time I can still use Internet on my mobile phone, but the bigger part will be Internet-less. I’ve decided that I won’t be spending that time on my laptop, instead, I’ll be boring and read a book. Recently, upon reading a friend’s blog, I realized that my English vocabulary really isn’t all that. From chatting and general Internet communication you don’t get the more ‘advanced’ vocabulary down.

The best solution I saw was to get my hands on some English literature, so I let Derek, of whom I know reads/has read a lot recommend me a book. He recommended me Robert Heinlein’s “Have Space Suit- Will Travel”, which is a science fiction story. Apparently it is his favourite book, so I decided to just get me the book with ebay. I got it for about €6, for that matter.

So here’s hoping I can enjoy the book, and improve my vocabulary a bit. I’m off to have a great 9 days, see you guys later!