My first music album: Limitless

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Available on Bandcamp: Limitless, by Cimylium

Total running time: 41:07

Just under a year ago, I had my first shot at producing an ambient track. It turned out that I did an okay job at this (or so I think), so after another track in the genre, which was a collaboration with SineRider and MrSaint, I decided to make my first album in this genre.

I titled my first track in the genre “Moon”, which made me decide to just make the whole album space-themed. There’s even a bit of concept behind the titling of the tracks, with respect to their order. See if you can figure it out.

As for the moniker name, “Cimylium”: I decided I needed some sort of artist name, seeing as “Mich” or “MICHhimself” doesn’t really cut it. After a long time of playing with words and parts of words, I decided on “Cimylium”, which doesn’t really have any meaning, but sounds pretty neat anyway. I like how the only results for it when looking it up are me.

Available on Bandcamp: Limitless, by Cimylium