Kitchen+bathroom renovation pt.1

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We’ve just started renovating the kitchen and bathroom in our house here. (We meaning my mother, my sister and I). I decided to take photos frequently so I can look back at the progress. Should be fun.

On a side note: the photos weren’t taken for the purpose of great photography, but rather for documenting.

Firstly, I took a couple of shots before anything was done:


Kitchen pre-renovation 1

Kitchen pre-renovation 2

Kitchen pre-renovation 3


Bathroom pre-renovation 1

Bathroom pre-renovation 2

And then we move on to the destruction of the kitchen, Tuesday 3 August. The bathroom hadn’t been touched yet that day.

Kitchen day one 1

Kitchen day one 2

Kitchen day one 3

And some leftovers of what once our kitchen, outside the house:

Kitchen leftovers day one 1

Kitchen leftovers day one 2