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Hello there, my name is Michaël, or just Mich if you prefer that (I do).

I actually had a blog before, but I set my standards too high, so eventually I didn’t have anything to write about. That and the fact wordpress somehow failed while updating and I couldn’t be bothered to fix it.

The plan is that on here, I write about things I occupy myself with. These can be posts about programming, music, or even philosophical topics.

I am currently working on a rather big website project, which I plan to release into the public in little over a month; this blog may eventually discuss subjects regarding said site too, as it is becoming a rather big part of my life.

Either way, there’s an ‘About’ page on here too, which I may or may not update in the future.

I’d also like to mention that I chose this wordpress theme because it suits the overall style of the rest of my website. I tweaked around a bit in the style file, added a header etc… I think I like the outcome of it. The picture in the header is one I took when I went wandering yesterday.>