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Yearproject: FPGA MIDI synth

Over the past two years, I’ve completed a bachelor course in electronics. In the second and thus final year, we were assigned to come up with a project to complete over the year. My classmate Raf and I are both interested in music production, so we decided it would be a fun idea to create our very own synthesizer.

We actually made the decision to make a synthesizer in our first year, so we certainly would have enough time to work it all out properly.  In this first year, we were introduced to the FPGA, which can briefly be described as a digital playground that allows you to build just about any digital circuit on it. (To give an idea: You could actually design a micro-controller on the thing if you’d want to).

Our interest for the FPGA sparked, we decided to use that to build the synthesizer around. Thus the decision was made to go digital. Anyway, I could go on for a while on the why and when, but let’s take a look at how this stuff works first.