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Music to listen to loudly with eyes closed

While I listen to music more or less all day while work and whatnot, I infrequently like to pick out some of my favourite songs, turn up the volume and just sit back and close my eyes, focussing only on the music.

There are some tracks which have the amazing quality to completely take over your awareness as you really get into them. Here are some that do that for me. They range from old hits to obscure stuff, from chill-out to hard rock, and are in no particular order.

1. The Extreme – Daydream

This wonderful chill-out tune has a deep bass-line that instantly drew me in the first time I heard it on Digitally Imported’s Chill-out channel channel. The lush instrumentation accompanied by a perfectly fitting break beat later on takes you through a dreamland of relaxation. It is all over the place in a big mess of harmony.

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My first music album: Limitless

Available on Bandcamp: Limitless, by Cimylium

Total running time: 41:07

Just under a year ago, I had my first shot at producing an ambient track. It turned out that I did an okay job at this (or so I think), so after another track in the genre, which was a collaboration with SineRider and MrSaint, I decided to make my first album in this genre.

I titled my first track in the genre “Moon”, which made me decide to just make the whole album space-themed. There’s even a bit of concept behind the titling of the tracks, with respect to their order. See if you can figure it out.

As for the moniker name, “Cimylium”: I decided I needed some sort of artist name, seeing as “Mich” or “MICHhimself” doesn’t really cut it. After a long time of playing with words and parts of words, I decided on “Cimylium”, which doesn’t really have any meaning, but sounds pretty neat anyway. I like how the only results for it when looking it up are me.

Available on Bandcamp: Limitless, by Cimylium